#LGF2019 [ENG]

The best of Peruvian game development

The first ever Lima Game Fest took place on November 9th, at the Parque de la Amistad in Santiago de Surco, Lima. More than 1200 people attended the event, including widely renowned special guests from the peruvian and hispanic gaming community, as it showcased the very best games developed and published in Peru.

In addition to the guests, many important local and international brands participated, such as Logitech G, ASUS Republic of Gamers, Master Games Peru and Xiaomi. The event was also endorsed by Peruvian Ministry of Culture and the Indie Prize.

Over 40 games made in Peru

Amongst the 20 peruvian games exhibited in the Main Hall were 15 games locally nominated for the Indie Prize 2020 USA, and 4 internationally awarded games. The games were:

  • Tunche –  a beat em’up game inspired by amazon folktales and myths
  • Rhythm Doctor – a one-button rhythm game
  • Mago – a platform game inspired by peruvian youtuber Pepe el Mago
  • Nickelodeon Kart Racers – a racing game with Nickelodeon characters
  • A Light of Life – a conceptual puzzle game that explores life after death
  • Cybermaze – a FPS game with cyberpunk and neon looks
  • Faska Ruins – a race-against-the-clock first-person 3D game
  • Math Lines – a mathematical puzzle with colorful characters
  • Space Infinity – a 3D infinite runner set on space
  • Babi & Maiki: Por el Mundo – a rather educational game about animal care
  • DarkStory Online – an online real-time RPG game made from scratch
  • Grimoire Hearts – a visual novel/puzzle game starred by cute girls
  • Ninipolis – a social simulator based on real life statistics about social inequality in Peru
  • Summon Hat – a very fast-paced multiplayer platform game
  • Colorful – a very ambitious hack n’ slash game focused on free movement
  • Fallen Angel – an ARPG game inspired by biblical characters
  • La Venganza del Fachoy – an arcade game inspired by homologous short film
  • Skillver Boy – a platform runner game with high difficulty levels
  • The Alter Ego Project – a dark and unsettling puzzle game

Outside the Main Hall, the Free-to-Play zone exhibited another 5 videogames made by students, 10 videogames with mixed themes and another 7 board games – like Laze Love, Fishy River, Space Guardian, a showcase from FemDevs Peru, Contra Todo Mundo, among others – made entirely in Peru. This exhibition was completely free and open to the public.

Four local game studios had an outstanding participation in the event:

7th Beat Games presented Rhythm Doctor, a one-button rhythm game with original soundtrack. Rhythm Doctor is scheduled for release on 2020, and since its development has accumulated several awards in recognition of its unique design. Lead Developer Giacomo Preciado offered a talk and live demonstration about the process of creating musical levels.

LEAP Game Studios presented new updates on its ambitious Tunche, a beat em’ up game heavily inspired on folktales and myths from the peruvian amazon. Through live gameplay by Phillip Chu Joy and Jorge Garcia, attendees were able to see the game’s new 2.5D design, new boss fight and new playable character: Nayra.

Dream Potion Games revealed their awaited game MAGO. Presented by youtuber and game director, Pepe el Mago himself, the studio invited attendees to play the game and try to defeat the new boss.

Bamtang Games, Peru’s biggest game studio, showed their latest – and biggest – project so far: Nickelodeon Kart Racers. Social media influencers Gabu and Phillip Chu Joy took the stage for a live gameplay of the game, sponsored by Logitech G, with the developers, while answering some questions from the public. Lead Designer Rodrigo Hidalgo also came on stage to offer a talk on videogames in Latin America from an anthropological view.

Board games

Aside from videogames, the event also showcased 7 tabletop games: Llamagedon, Ratas de la Patria, Presidente, Contra Todo Mundo, Kontikis Adventure, Excavatumbas and Supercards.

Within the frame of the event, Ponte Mosca Games and Devir Americas presented the Boardgame of the Year Award, which went to Kontikis Adventure, coming on top of Supercards and Excavatumbas.

Peruvian videogames Awards

The event concluded with the Lima Game Awards, an award ceremony for the 20 games from the Main Hall. The winners were:

  • Fallen Angel, by Matrioshka Games – Best Student Game
  • Faska Ruins, by Oriel Games – Audience Award
  • Ninipolis, by Rayo Laser – Narrative Excelence Award
  • Summon Hat, by Chicha Games – Visual Art Excelence Award
  • Summon Hat, by Chicha Games – Best Game of 2019